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A Peri-Urban Charter:
Charter signatories

Below is a list of organisations that have signed up to the Peri-Urban Charter

Regionální rozvojová agentura jižní Moravy - Regional Development Agency South Moravia (Signed in 2017)

The Regional Development Agency of South Moravia is a special-interest association of legal entities. It is made up of the South Moravian Region, the Association of Municipalities and Cities of South Moravia and the Regional Chamber of Commerce of South Moravia. The RDASM assists in the sustainable development of the region and in growing its competitiveness through the realisation of development and cross-border cooperation projects as well as by supporting investment and innovation.

Sdružení obcí a měst jižní Moravy - Association of Municipalities and Cities of South Moravia (Signed in 2017)

The main goal of the Association is the coordination of the economic, social and cultural development of South Moravia. It carries through interests and ideas of the municipalities and cities of South Moravia.

MU ESF KRES - Department of Regional Economics and Administration - Faculty of Economics and Administration, Masaryk University Brno (Signed in 2017)

The Department prepares economists - also educated in other disciplines - to understand and better solve the issues of the development of regions, and more specifically the management of the development of territorial units both from the economic and political points of view.

Nadace Partnerství - Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation (Signed in 2017)

This foundation is a leading Czech NGO supporting sustainable development projects in all regions of the Czech Republic. It enables people to protect and improve their environment through the provision of grants, expert knowledge and services as well as inspiration from abroad. Its focus is on environmental protection; sustainable transport and tourism; tree and water protection; renewable energy resources; and quality public spaces.

Mendelu FRRMS - The Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies - Mendel University in Brno (Signed in 2017)

This faculty focuses on educational as well as scientific-research activities focusing on all aspects of regional development within both national and international context. It offers a new type of study preparing specialists able to solve the agricultural and social development problems of regions.

Cittaslow (signed in 2014)

Cittaslow is an international movement with a local focus, aiming to improve towns' quality of life and support local, traditional markets and artisans. With strong links to the international Slow Food movement, Cittaslow puts great importance on the protection and improvement of the environment, the provision of people-friendly infrastructure and facilities, and the promotion of traditional local arts and culture – while harnessing the best aspects of modern technology to improve quality of life.

Réseau des territoires agriurbains d'Île-de-France (signed in 2014)

The Réseau des territoires agriurbains d'Île-de-France (Île-de-France agri-urban territories network) brings together various regional key players - farmers, citizens and elected officials - around a programme of action at territorial level. The network drives cooperation and exchange between various projects and initiatives involved in the maintenance and valorisation of peri-urban agriculture.

Last updated: 17 December, 2017