PURPLE regions participate in Committee of the Regions Open Days

Apr 5, 2012

PURPLE members will participate in Committee of the Regions Open Days in Brussels 8-11 October. A regional partnership led by Flanders will hold a half day workshop on: Contributing to rural urban bonds in peri-urban regions.

The partnership consists of: Communaute urbaine de Dunkerque (FR), Elche (ES), Flanders (BE), Regional Authority Frankfurt Rhein-Main (DE), Nord-Pas de Calais (FR), Randstad Region (NL), South Moravian Region (CZ), Stavanger Region (NO), Stuttgart Region (DE), Surrey County Council (UK)

Challenges for regions include:

1. The limited integration of the city with its surrounding areas and the countryside where the physical barriers are not so visible (peri-urban) but where there is a lack of functional, spatial and sectoral cooperation.

2. Managing competition for resources by urban and rural functions.

3. Setting effective policies and strategies to encourage the development of rural-urban bonds.

4. Engaging all governance levels.

5. Identifying and transferring best practice in order to stimulate better a understanding of rural-urban bonds in peri-urban areas and disseminate more effective strategies.

More details on the programme will follow.

Link to Open Days