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A Peri-Urban Charter

Supporting the work of PURPLE - a Peri-Urban Charter

We are eager to extend and strengthen its links with a wider range of bodies and organisations interested in peri-urban issues.

PURPLE itself is a network of regions and local authorities, but we know that there are many other kinds of organisations - public as well as private - involved in peri-urban policy issues, research and practical initiatives. These include non-governmental organisations, universities and research centres, local partnerships and initiatives, funded projects and even individuals.

The aim of this Peri-Urban Charter is to widen recognition of peri-urban issues and challenges in Europe.  Signatories, whether individuals or representatives of organisations, are not committing themselves to take part in any actions of the PURPLE network, but are simply endorsing the wording of the Charter. The list of signatories to date can be found here.

If you would like to present the Peri-Urban Charter to your organisation or an organisation you know might be interested in signing up we have a produced a downloadable introductory document that you can use to accompany the Charter itself.

For more information, contact info@purple-eu.org

Charter in French

Charter in Polish

Last updated: 30 August, 2020