About us

PURPLE's Mission Statement

PURPLE is striving for greater recognition of Europe's peri-urban regions in European policy and regulation, to ensure long term sustainability for these important, complex, and multi-functional territories.

General objectives of PURPLE:

  • Influence European, regional, urban and rural policy-making
  • Develop a distinctive role as the primary interlocutor with Brussels-based institutions, and with politicians and stakeholders across the EU on issues of special relevance to Europe’s peri-urban regions
  • Act as a platform for peri-urban regions to share knowledge and good practice, allowing connections and productive cross-fertilisation between existing projects, as well as promoting new trans-European initiatives in the field.

PURPLE's recent Annual Reports can be found below. They showcase PURPLE's activities against its general objectives and related Work Plan.

Last updated: 5 May, 2023



Conference on spatial planning in peri-urban Brno, May 2012, hosted by the South Moravian Regional Authority