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How is PURPLE organised?

PURPLE is a participative network and is a legal entity - an international not-for-profit association under Belgian law (an AISBL). Its statutes were updated late in 2023 in line with legal requirements, facilitating new and greater flexibilities in terms of membership, at the same time maintaining its established structures as follows:

An Executive Board currently consisting of  political representatives chosen from the member regions, and a General Assembly consisting of political representatives from each member region manage the network. The General Assembly normally meets twice a year, once in Brussels and once in one of the member regions.  These meetings usually coincide with a PURPLE conference or event on peri-urban issues.

In addition, officers and experts from member regions meet regularly in Brussels as a Working Group to plan joint actions and events and to share experience.  A Lobby Group consisting of Brussels-based officers in the representations of member regions coordinates PURPLE's Brussels contacts and actions and monitors EU policy development. 

A Secretary-General provides coordination, organises meetings and chairs the Working Group.

Last updated: 2 January, 2024



PURPLE President, Mrs Helyn Clack speaking in the European Parliament in 2018, launching a series of PURPLE propositions related to the 2021-27 programming period.


Mr Michel Gregoire, former President of PURPLE at a PURPLE hearing in the European Parliament, November 2010