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Farming out of the Box? Please in my backyard

PURPLE members are invited on both the 7th and 8th of November, for non-members the 7th should be of interest. Participation is free of charge.

Hosted by the seventh General Assembly of the network "Peri UrbanRegions PLatform Europe" (PURPLE), this event will be fully dedicated to the EU Health Check on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). As a result of the conference, PURPLE will present a CAP Position Paper.

Since you are an expert on the subject, either from the angle of agriculture, the angle of peri urban development, the angle of innovation or the angle of sustainability, we would gladly welcome you in our audience. Even more, we would like you to join us in the discussions and the networking activities.


In 2003 the European Commission profoundly reformed the Common Agricultural Policy, heading for a Mid Term Review in 2009. But times are changing rapidly and even more is agriculture. This is why the EC has decided to do an early so called "Health Check", that should be completed by the end of 2008. The PURPLE network embraces this initiative. The members feel, that the responsibility of the EC on leading Europe's agriculture towards a sustainable and competitive future is obvious and urgent: never before the power of agriculture being a number one driver in securing the future of Europe was so evident. The new CAP there fore must reflect the responsibility that goes along with that: The CAP must innovate and the CAP must stay.

On November 7th, we have invited some outstanding key-note speakers on the conference theme. Their expertise will surely trigger your imagination.

PURPLE and the CAP
PURPLE is a network, raising interest for the specific needs and opportunities of peri urban areas. Members of the PURPLE transregional network are the knowledge regions Randstad (NL), Flanders (B), Stockholm (S), Malzovia (PL), Catalunya (E), Nord Pas de Calais (F), Ille de France (F), Frankfurt am Main (D), South-East England / Surrey (UK), West Midlands (UK), Rhone Alpes (F), Dublin (I) and the Euregion Maastricht-Heerlen/Hasselt-Aachen-Liège (MHAL, NL/B/D). PURPLE is also linked to the networks Terres en Villes and Arc Latin.

The PURPLE network has analyzed the food related situation in her member -regions and has sharply looked at their global position:
The United Nations have recently published the fact, that for the first time in history now more people live in cities than in the countryside. 80 million of those people live in the regions PURPLE represents.

People who need food and rely safety, high quality, sustainability and maybe even some fair trade aspects. People who still take food security at reasonable prices for granted, no matter worldwide population growth, climate change and rise of new, wealthy economies. But also people in need for fresh water, clean energy and leisure possibilities in a beautiful landscape.

During the conference, PURPLE will conclude on its CAP Position Paper and take its first steps into bringing it to the attention of the European and National stakeholders. We will state, that agriculture in peri urban regions is not to be like agriculture in remote areas. Although our regions differ and thus our ambitions differ also, interesting similar peri urban issues have emerged, directly linked to the subject of Knowledge Region Development. Competitiveness, public goods like land management, establishing new markets and innovation are key words. PURPLE feels that the CAP is of utmost importance to both city and countryside.

Registration / Information
If you would be interested to join us, we would like to ask you to fill out the document attached and send it to the address beneath. The registration office will send to you an e-mail confirmation and later send to you the conference documents.

General information, e-mail to or call Ms. Judith Wijns. 0031 43 389 7595

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