Meetings & Events:
Spatial Development of Brno and its hinterland

A conference at the Mendel University organised by the Regional Authority of South Moravia on the occasion of the PURPLE General Assembly, 24 and 25 May 2012

Conference programme

The conference was opened by Mr David Macek, regional councillor responsible for spatial planning and author Mr Simon Mawer, who spoke about his experience of Brno and South Moravia - historical, scientific, musical, architectural and social - and its influence on him as a writer.


Suburbanization of the Brno region and its social implications

Landscape changes determined by suburbanization of Brno's hinterland

Delimitation of land potential for allocation of investment of more than local importance and its usability

Brno agglomeration and the necessities of streamlining its development

Strategic vision of the South Moravian Region to 2020

Metropolitan Area of the City of Brno

Principles of Spatial Development of the South Moravian Region – a new spatial development tool

South Moravian Region's air quality – its status quo and development tendencies with focus on the city of Brno and its hinterland

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