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A European Green Deal


Launched in December 2019 by the newly appointed Von der Leyen Commission, the European Green Deal (EGD) was posited as "a new growth strategy" and in that sense has been widely perceived as a successor to the EU2020 strategy. It is framed as a resetting of the Commision's "commitment to tackling climate and environmental-related challenges" with the underpinning objective of making Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050 (a vision already set out in the EC's 2018 Communication "A Clean Planet for all - A European strategic long-term vision for a prosperous, modern, competitive and climate neutral economy" in fact).

It is at the same time an element (one of six - and indeed the first listed of six) of the "Political Guidelines" set out by Von der Leyen a short time previously. As such it appears not solely as a shape-giver to EU policy in general - although it certainly serves as that also - but as an agenda item within which many key elements are located in terms of the Commission's Work Programme - the list is an impressive one of key EU initiatives and includes:

European Climate Law

The European Climate Pact

2030 Climate Target Plan

Farm to Fork Strategy (F2F)

New Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP)

EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030

8th Environmental Action Plan

Strategy for sustainable and smart mobility

Zero pollution measures






Last updated: 18 September, 2020