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Horizon Europe, Work Programme 2020-21, peri-urban dimensions

Jun 16, 2021

The main Horizon Europe Work Programme for 2021-22 has now been formally adopted with thirteen chapters (incorporating call texts) now all published in finalised form.

An initial reading suggests that the sections relating to climate, energy and mobility (chapter 8 – cluster 5); to food, bioeconomy, natural resources, agriculture and environment (chapter 9 – cluster 6), and; to digital, industry and space (chapter 7), might be the ones of particular interest to peri-urban actors.

The text within chapter 8 alone has over fifteen references to peri-urban for example: to renewable energy systems in peri-urban areas; to the role of zero emission transport in making peri-urban areas more liveable; to full electric urban and peri-urban Bus Rapid Transit systems, and; to peri-urban road networks.

The PURPLE Working Group wil be looking more closely at the Work Programme and the possible opportunities for collaboration on issues of peri-urban interest over the next weeks and months.

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34th PURPLE General Assembly announced

May 29, 2021

PURPLE President Mrs Helyn Clack has announced her intention of convening the 34th General Assembly on Monday June 28th 2021.

Like the two General Assemblies of 2020, the 34th edition will also take place virtually in light of continuing coronavirus pandemic impacts. In issuing the formal "Notifiction of Meeting", Mrs Clack expressed her regret that for the third occasion in succession she would be unable to meet colleagues and friends in person. A full meeting agenda is  nevertheless planned, with numerous papers to be uploaded to the members' section of the website over the coming weeks.

For further details, or in case of queries, please contact:





Interreg Europe 2021-27

Apr 21, 2021


The next version of Interreg Europe - the only pan-Europe Interreg programme - is due to be finalised by early next year with the first call for proposals to be issued in the first half of 2022.

As progress is being made towards towards that finalisation, PURPLE has taken the opportunity to participate in the public consultation exercise which closed on April 16th. Within its online response to the draft version of the Cooperation Programme, PURPLE welcomed the broadening of scope to take greater account of regional policy instruments beyond those developed as part of ESIF programmes. It also welcomed the broader thematic focus and the opportunity to devote more resource to delivering transnational pilot actions. 

Although the space to respond to the template survey was strictly limited, PURPLE was also able to signal its approval for the programme-wide objective of developing capacity within regional authorities to develop apppropriate policy tools with the full involvment of a broad range of stakeholders.


PURPLE marks launch of the European Year of Rail

Mar 30, 2021

March 29th saw the official launch of the European Year of Rail 2021. PURPLE has stated its intention to deliver a public event on the importance of peri-urban rail systems and services in the last quarter of this year as part of this initiative, with the working title of "“The year of rail in practice: recognising and reinvesting in peri-urban systems and services”.

In the meanwhile, and to mark the formal kick-off of the EYR, we attach an extended synopsis of an address given by Vice-Marshal Jankowiak of the Wielkopolska region at the 33rd PURPLE General Assembly in December 2020. There, Mr Jankowiak outlined the investments and efforts being made to maintain and deliver an efficient, safe and reliable metropolitan rail system in the midst of a pandemic outbreak, and as part of a longer, planned strategy of encouraging and supporting the use of a sustainable and smart rail system for the present and future.


PURPLE group meetings continue on line

Mar 2, 2021



Whilst Coronavirus-related travel restrictions continue to apply, both the PURPLE Lobby Group and the PURPLE Working Group have continued to meet virtually. The first on-line Working Group meeting of 2021 takes place on March 12th and will look at the group's plans for the year, at new Topic Papers, and its plans with regard to the European Year of Rail.

The Lobby Group meanwhile has already convened twice this year to look at its own work on the sustainable and smart mobility strategy and at opportunitties for peri-urban regions in the context of the Recovery and Resiience Fund (RRF) as national plans continue to evolve.

Papers from all the meetings are available to member regions in the restricted area of the website.