PURPLE Board election results 2022-24

Jun 28, 2022

In normal circumstances, the PURPLE General Assembly (GA) elects a President and Executive Board every two years. In light of the COVID pandemic, the elections due to be held in 2021 were deferred for a year, with nominations invited in advance of the summer 2022 GA.

On the occasion of the 35th General Assembly held on June 15th in Brussels, elections for the period 2022-24 took place with the following results:


  • Mrs Helyn Clack had indicated her desire to continue as network President in advance of the meeting. There were no other applications. Approved unanimously, Helyn Clack (Surrey, South East England) confirmed as President.


  • Herr Rouven Koetter had indicated his willingness to serve as a network Vice-President in advance of the meeting. Approved unanimously, Rouven Koetter (FrankfurtRheinMain) confirmed as Vice-President.


  • Mr Petr Springinsfeld indicated his wish to serve as an Executive Board member. Approved unanimously, Petr Springinsfeld (South Moravia) confirmed as Executive Board member.


  • Mr Paul Van der Sluys expressed his willingness to continue as network Treasurer and ex-officio Executive Board member. There were no other candidates.  Approved unanimously, Paul Van der Sluys (Flanders) confirmed as Treasurer.