Do No Harm to Cohesion - PURPLE contribution to debate

Feb 9, 2023


The Do No Harm to Cohesion principle was first mooted in the 8th Economic, Social and Territorial Cohesion Report, and is now the subject of a CoR Opinion for which the rapporteur is former PURPLE Executive Board member Michiel Rijsberman from Flevoland.

PURPLE was one of five organisations to submit a paper to Mr Rijsberman in advance on a public consultation event organised by the CoR on February 7th. PURPLE Secretary General, Vincent O'Connell attended the event and took the opportunity to reiterate a number of points from the written submission, including the need to be clear about terminology and to argue that cohesion is not synonymous wih homogeneity - territories differ one from the other, and should be supported to build upon distinct strengths and tackle particular challenges.

PURPLE has stated its intention to follow this dossier as it evolves as part of a broader conversation about the purpose and form of EU cohesion policy post 2027.