PURPLE at the EU CAP Network

Feb 19, 2023

PURPLE has been pleased and proud to be a member of both the General Assembly and Steering Group of the European Network for Rural Development (ENRD) since its inception at the beginning of the 2014-20 programming period.

The ENRD has now been superseded by the EU CAP Network, launched in October 2022 and which holds its first Assembly meeting in Brussels on Monday March 6th 2023. As an Assembly member PURPLE intends to continue to make the case for better recognition of the distinct nature of peri-urban areas, at the same time advocating for the mutual benefits of synergy and cooperation between rural and peri-urban actors and interests.

The meeting agenda for March 6th includes an update session from DG AGRI on CAP Strategic Plans as well as a report on implementation of the Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas alongside a number of governance related matters.