PLUS Change Kick off Meeting

Jul 1, 2023

The first meeting of the Horizon Europe project PLUS Change duly took place in Prague on June 12-14 as scheduled.

PURPLE joined 22 other project partners in coming together to discuss details of delivery plans for the 48 month project comprising seven work packages and a rich series of scheduled deliverables. Partners attending the meeting included representatives from six present and past PURPLE member regions - Flanders, Mazovia, South Moravia, Ile de France, MHAL (the 3 Countries Park), and Surrey.

PURPLE Secretary General Vincent O'Connell chaired the first session on the morning of the meeting's second day, primarily consisting of an ordered series of presentations relating to each of the PLUS Change "practice cases". Each of 12 contributors spoke to a set of slides which  had been prepared and collated in advance of the meeting, as follows.

  • The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area
  • Kaigu Peatland
  • Nitra City
  • Lucca
  • Zeleni Kras
  • Euregio Meuse-Rhine - 3 Countries Park
  • Mazovia
  • Flanders
  • South Moravia
  • Ile de France
  • Parc Ela
  • Surrey

Each presentation has been prepared using a loosely uniform structure focusing upon elements including:

  • Basic organisational details - name/type/legal basis/location
  • The role of the organisation in land use planning
  • The role of the organisation as regards climate change and related behaviours
  • Key priorities/challenges faced in terms of land use planning and climate change
  • An indication of just which aspects of land use and land use planning individual practice areas/cases are likely to want to focus upon within the project
  • The key contributions that individual areas/cases expect to make to the project
  • The particular benefits expected from participation in PLUS Change

A fuller report on the meeting will be given by O'Connell to the forthcoming 36th PURPLE General Assembly to take place in Frankfurt in early July.


 info@purple-eu.org for further details