Topic Papers on Peri-Urban Issues:
Climate Change in Peri-Urban Regions

Examples of initiatives related to climate change from the PURPLE regions which supplement our Topic Paper.

We circulated some specific questions to our regions about regional strategies and actions on climate change. 

  1. What are the key vulnerabilities/ impacts for your region or peri-urban areas? 
  2. What are the main adaptation objectives for your region or peri-urban areas?
  3. Which barriers have been identified?
  4. Which adaptation actions have been chosen?
  5. What makes this example peri-urban?
  6. What is the role of the region and is there synergy with other regional and national policy?
  7. Has the strategy been embedded within existing policy?
  8. Is there political backing and managerial support? If yes, how was this achieved?

Here are their responses so far:

Randstad  - Knowledge for Climate and other examples
Mazovia - response to questions and examples
Frankfurt - response to questions
Nord Pas de Calais - response to questions
Dublin - examples
MHAL - Foresight Study on Climate Adaptation in Limburg - report in English (with translation of text for diagrams) 

Last updated: 16 April, 2020