Meetings & Events:
Seminar: Combating Peri-urban Climate Change (mitigating the effects of climate change in peri-urban areas)

On the first day of the 28th PURPLE General Assembly a seminar was held to enable member regions to exchange knowedge and experiences with their GA hosts from the South Moravian region. In addition to looking at various aspects of the current situation in different parts of Europe, the event was also an oppportunity to look at forecasts of future trends and to explore how PURPLE members might explore this topic together further.


Welcome by South Moravia.  M. Kubásek, Chairman of the Interregional Relations Committee
1.       Environmental activities of the South Moravian region, T. Kubíček, (Regional Development Department - Strategic Development)Presentation here.
2.       Climate change and drought impacts and adaptation - available tools for decision-making. Petr Hlavinka,  Mendel University in Brno. Presentation here.
3.       Agroforestry – an opportunity for regional development and rural landscape sustainability, Mgr. Lukáš Kala, Ph.D, Institute of Botany of the CAS, v.v.iPresentation here.
4.       Water management and mitigating the effects of climate change, Ing. Miroslav Foltýn, Head of the Water Management Planning Department, PovodíMoravy, s.p./Morava river basin, state enterprise. Presentation here.
Questions and answers session
Presentations by PURPLE regions: Experiences, tools and mitigation measures against extreme weather-related events:
5.       PURPLE and peri-urban climate change, Vincent O’Connell, Secretary General PURPLE. Presentation here.
6.       Water – Land – Scape, Paul van Der Sluys, Flemish Land Agency (VLM)Presentation here.
7.       Climate change in the Wielkopolska region, Justyna Herian,  Wielkopolska Spatial Planning OfficePresentation here.
8.       Extreme weather-related event mitigation measures in Mazovia,  Maciej Sulmicki, Mazovian Office of Regional Planning. Presentation here.


Last updated: 16 April, 2020