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This page, and those attached to it, will contain details of, and links to, a number of policy documents related to rural or urban areas and development - or to both - that have been selected so that they might provide useful and relevant context to anyone interested in the work of the ROBUST project.

There are a large number of publications produced by various EU bodies over a long period relating to cities and urban (a very large number), to rural areas (a small but significant and growing number) and far fewer on the links between the two.

A significant recent (2019) addtion to the sizeable city-focused set of works is “The Future of Cities, Opportunities, Challenges and the Way Forward” produced as a “Science for Policy” report by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) within the European Commission and conceived in part as a follow up to the 2011 Cities of Tomorrow report.

Last updated: 9 September, 2020